Which is true, since we all work and have our duties, which often can be stressful, and when we arrive at a tourist destination, we feel and act differently.

Trips, including tourist destinations and offers, enrich us with new aromas, tastes, friendships and points of view, and by promoting a destination, its stories and contents, we motivate ourselves to get involved in activities, which offer us a complete and unique experience. Well thought out and organized promotion increases the value of a tourist destination because it forms an awareness of its offer.

Our task is to present Croatian tourism, through active promotion and offers, as an unforgettable destination for all visitors, and to work continuously on the improvement of specialized knowledge in different domains important for tourism development and management: economics, marketing, management, transportation, environmental protection and application of contemporary information and communication technologies.

  • We encourage and work on projects, which improve tourism as an important branch of Croatian economy, which can be shown through a B2B (business to business) program, intended for Croatian and foreign companies, which need mutual introduction and connection, i.e. mutual long-term business cooperation.


Our goal is to be the connection, in order to enable long-term business relationships, based on projects having in common the promotion of the countries’ tourist values. With such a personal and planned approach, international institutions will be able to meet faster and therefore be informed of further business dealings and as a result contribute to a reduction of costs.

  • Based on our knowledge and experience in tourism, we developed a team of experts for the development of tourist projects. Whether you need complete assistance for development or individual phases, we offer services that guarantee quality and success.

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