• Planning is the first step on a journey towards achieving business goals. Like all journeys, barbecues or weddings, the journey towards business goals must be planned clearly, which means that it is necessary to have the answers to the following questions:

– What do we wish to achieve?
– How shall we achieve it?
– Which are the values we wish to create?
– How shall we handle risks?
– How to continue when we face an obstacle?

The answer to these questions can be found in a business plan!

A business plan is the basis of every entrepreneurial venture and it assesses the real cost effectiveness of a planned project, and also points out potential risks, trying to reduce them to a minimum. Such detailed and careful planning and analysis of all details regarding your future venture enables you to examine if the realization of your idea is justified and realistic. 

  • Who participates in the development of a business plan?

The essential factor during the development of a good business plan is a good cooperation between the author of the business plan and the client (entrepreneur). Information given by the entrepreneur to the project manager is essential for the development of a high quality business plan. For that reason, it is important for the entrepreneur to be familiar with the activities that he wishes to pursue. It is important that he is familiar with his activity and working methods within such activity.

The first step to be taken by the entrepreneur is his/her business idea. It is advisable to hire an expert thereafter  – a project manager, which shall develop and finalize the business plan.

The business plan should essentially include the following:

  •       A summary of the plan – its essential part – short presentation of your project;
  •           General data on the company and project – necessary for the financer to see what the project is about and who is implementing it;
  •           Description of the industry – used as an introduction to the financial part of the plan. It is not realistic that a specific industry has an annual growth of 6%,                                                                                          and your company, according to a financial plan, has a growth of 22%;
  •           Projection of income and expenses of the company’s business/project;
  •           Financial statements for future periods, developed pursuant to business projections


A business plan provides a clear picture of the business, which is evident through:

Strategic Planning
– Which is our vision, mission and goals?

– How do we wish to present our company?

– How much and how shall we grow?

– How shall we make decisions?                 


Operational Planning
– Who is doing what?
– Which are the daily activities?
– Who are our suppliers?
– Which resources do we need?

  • With our knowledge and experience, we develop business plans, which shall meet their basic function – support in the realization of a successful entrepreneurial venture

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