• Poslovni prijatelj (Business Friend) is a young and ambitious company, working on innovative and creative projects using its knowledge and experience, thus gathering young people for the purpose of accomplishing their new ideas and projects.

Our company builds high quality interpersonal relationships, which are the foundation of good business relationships with our business friends, clients, competition and all others with whom we live and who we meet on a daily basis. Business success and our basic mission can be connected only with good and open interpersonal relationships.

We approach every given task and project dynamically, creatively, punctually, cheerfully and full of positive energy.


Our mission is to give timely information and professional efficient support for the development and achievement of business ideas and projects, and to provide our clients with the best solutions possible for their business challenges, in order to provide long-term satisfaction and success in their business.


Our vision is to be a business friend, which the client shall recognize as an expert, proper and creative company that shall help them with the solution of their business challenges and increase their efficiency.

Therefore we wish to provide expert and professional services, and accomplish ideas and projects in which we shall participate gladly. We want to be successful in what we do!


– Encouragement and development of entrepreneurship

– Providing support to young entrepreneurs in the accomplishment of their ideas and projects

– Building high quality and long-term relationships with our business friends

– Providing organization and business services by respecting the principles of honesty and loyalty


  The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step - Lao Ce

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