Marketing has a lot of definitions and today there are many agencies dealing with marketing. Their work is more or less the same, based on the same patterns.

They say that in a time of crisis it is difficult to stay on top, to maintain the business of your company within an acceptable scope. For that reason, it is necessary to stay creative, innovative at all times and to know how to attract customers to your shop 🙂

Marketing is the key in all this; therefore the reduction of costs in this area would not be wise. How should your customers find out about you, if you do not tell them about you?

The answer is simple: they won’t!

Marketing is what represents you and your business to a wide range of potential customers and clients and it is essential to choose the right way, because it does not mean that once something has “worked” in the previous campaign, it will be the best choice for your campaign now, right?

We are all familiar with TV and radio commercials, guerrilla marketing, slogans in various newspapers, and the most represented marketing place – the Internet, where advertisements pop up on portals, are connected to social networks or you receive a lot of e-mails that you do not have any time to read!

  • What about Word-of-mouth marketing?

It is the oldest form of marketing, but it’s still the best, isn’t it?

When people talk about you and your business in a positive context, it means you are interesting and recommendable, and it is the best marketing for you.


Does every company wish to work more through recommendations ………YES!

How many companies have a marketing plan to receive business through recommendations…….. A FEW OF THEM!

Therefore, in cooperation with the portal ” POSLOVNAVECERA.COM ”  we are dealing with a type of marketing, which has been forgotten lately, and which is more valuable than all of today’s marketing tools.

Join us and be part of a project, which offers you more than you could ever imagine for less than you expected!

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