• Poslovni prijatelj (Business Friend) is a young and ambitious company, working on innovative and creative projects using its knowledge and experience, thus gathering young people for the purpose of accomplishing their new ideas and projects.

Our company builds high quality interpersonal relationships, which are the foundation of good business relationships with our business friends, clients, competition and all others with whom we live and who we meet on a daily basis. Business success and our basic mission can be connected only with good and open interpersonal relationships.

We approach every given task and project dynamically, creatively, punctually, cheerfully and full of positive energy.


Our mission is to give timely information and professional efficient support for the development and achievement of business ideas and projects, and to provide our clients with the best solutions possible for their business challenges, in order to provide long-term satisfaction and success in their business.


Our vision is to be a business friend, which the client shall recognize as an expert, proper and creative company that shall help them with the solution of their business challenges and increase their efficiency.

Therefore we wish to provide expert and professional services, and accomplish ideas and projects in which we shall participate gladly. We want to be successful in what we do!


– Encouragement and development of entrepreneurship

– Providing support to young entrepreneurs in the accomplishment of their ideas and projects

– Building high quality and long-term relationships with our business friends

– Providing organization and business services by respecting the principles of honesty and loyalty


  The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step - Lao Ce


  • Planning is the first step on a journey towards achieving business goals. Like all journeys, barbecues or weddings, the journey towards business goals must be planned clearly, which means that it is necessary to have the answers to the following questions:

– What do we wish to achieve?
– How shall we achieve it?
– Which are the values we wish to create?
– How shall we handle risks?
– How to continue when we face an obstacle?

The answer to these questions can be found in a business plan!

A business plan is the basis of every entrepreneurial venture and it assesses the real cost effectiveness of a planned project, and also points out potential risks, trying to reduce them to a minimum. Such detailed and careful planning and analysis of all details regarding your future venture enables you to examine if the realization of your idea is justified and realistic. 

  • Who participates in the development of a business plan?

The essential factor during the development of a good business plan is a good cooperation between the author of the business plan and the client (entrepreneur). Information given by the entrepreneur to the project manager is essential for the development of a high quality business plan. For that reason, it is important for the entrepreneur to be familiar with the activities that he wishes to pursue. It is important that he is familiar with his activity and working methods within such activity.

The first step to be taken by the entrepreneur is his/her business idea. It is advisable to hire an expert thereafter  – a project manager, which shall develop and finalize the business plan.

The business plan should essentially include the following:

  •       A summary of the plan – its essential part – short presentation of your project;
  •           General data on the company and project – necessary for the financer to see what the project is about and who is implementing it;
  •           Description of the industry – used as an introduction to the financial part of the plan. It is not realistic that a specific industry has an annual growth of 6%,                                                                                          and your company, according to a financial plan, has a growth of 22%;
  •           Projection of income and expenses of the company’s business/project;
  •           Financial statements for future periods, developed pursuant to business projections


A business plan provides a clear picture of the business, which is evident through:

Strategic Planning
– Which is our vision, mission and goals?

– How do we wish to present our company?

– How much and how shall we grow?

– How shall we make decisions?                 


Operational Planning
– Who is doing what?
– Which are the daily activities?
– Who are our suppliers?
– Which resources do we need?

  • With our knowledge and experience, we develop business plans, which shall meet their basic function – support in the realization of a successful entrepreneurial venture





 Today, finance is a very delicate issue. Especially now, when we are facing the “biggest crisis” in the history of mankind.

 Why is that?

  It is because the biggest problem for most people is not that they don’t have enough money, it is that they do not know how to rationally manage the money they have.

And when you point it out to people, they usually get mad, because nobody wants to hear other people talking about their finance or giving them advice on how to manage their own money. But it is essential, especially today, to get to know the financial system in order for you to manage your money more easily, which is not the case in Croatia, where the majority of the population doesn’t know the difference between gross and net salary, let alone the way the capital market and financial system work.

Therefore, we need to educate ourselves or need to have a personal financial advisor who develops our financial plan according to our ambitions, goals and wishes.

 Although it seems that our income determines the way we manage our money, even the lowest salary can be managed in various ways. The appropriate management of money is one of the most important forms of using your own income. Successful management of your own money is unlikely to happen without a proper organization of the money in your possession. You should be wise and try to use the money you have the best you can.


  •  What is a Financial Plan?


A financial plan is a basis necessary to define the wishes and goals of each person, and the development of a financial plan is a complex process, which depends on the client’s financial possibilities, age and needs; it includes following the client’s possibilities throughout time. The basis of a high quality financial plan is a long-term connection with you financial advisor.


  • Our goals are to:


– Develop a training system for people regarding the management of personal finance

 – Develop a professional assistance system for personal finance planning and management

 – Develop a consulting system for our clients regarding the choice and use of financial services

 –  Promote the fact that independent financial advising of people is necessary

 – Promote systematic savings and introduce people to the consequences of indebtedness


Through an extensive portfolio of products and partners, our clients are able to get different information and advice all in one place, in order for them to organize their financial situation.





EU funds

EU fondovi u turizmu kao financijska potpora bit će pružena malim i srednjim poduzetnicima koji ulažu u izgradnju, obnovu i povećanje kvalitete smještaja u malim i srednje velikim hotelima, kao i razvoj dodatne turističke ponude i poboljšanje komercijalne vrijednosti prirodnih i kulturnih resursa, obuhvaćajući pritom smjernice vezane uz održivost i očuvanje okoliša utvrđene nacionalnim strategijama. Kao prihvatljivi projekti financirat će se ulaganja u materijalnu i/ili nematerijalnu imovinu povezanu s izgradnjom novih ili modernizaciju, podizanje kategorije i proširenje postojećih hotela s 3 ili više zvjezdica, kao i s njima povezanih pomoćnih objekata koji se odnose na poslovni turizam (kongresna infrastruktura), odmorišni i zdravstveni turizam (wellness, spa i medicinski turizam), sportski i rekreativni turizam (teniski tereni, manje sportske dvorane, s malo sjedala ili bez njih, za košarku, odbojku, rukomet i sl., dvorane za squash ili racquetball, bazeni itd.), koji će pridonijeti povećanoj stopi popunjenosti i konkurentnosti hotela. Također, sufinancirat će se sudjelovanje na međunarodnim sajmovima u cilju promicanja novih ili poboljšanih proizvoda i usluga proizvedenih kao rezultat ulaganja uz pomoć potpore. U tom slučaju sredstva se mogu iskoristiti za kupnju avionske karte, spavanje u hotelu, najam štanda na sajmu, kao i tiskanje promotivnih materijala i letaka.


EU fondovi u proizvodnji služe za poboljšanje poslovnog razvoja i tehnološke spremnosti MSP-a poticanjem ulaganja u materijalnu i nematerijalnu imovinu, posebice kroz izgradnju i opremanje poslovnih jedinica.

Kroz poticanje investicija u početna ulaganja povezana s osnivanjem nove poslovne jedinice, proširenjem kapaciteta postojeće poslovne jedinice, diversifikacijom proizvodnje poslovne jedinice na proizvode koje dotična poslovna jedinica prethodno nije proizvodila ili temeljitom promjenom u sveukupnom proizvodnom procesu postojeće poslovne jedinice.

Opravdani su troškovi ulaganja u materijalnu i nematerijalnu imovinu, a uključuju slijedeće troškove: priprema zemljišta; krčenje zemljišta; trošak gradnje, rekonstrukcije, modernizacije zgrada, poslovnih prostorija, drugih objekata i njihovog neposrednog okruženja i okoline, direktno povezanima s rezultatima projekta; komunalni doprinos, cijene vodnih i energetskih priključaka, trošak uporabne dozvole; nabava novih strojeva, opreme, alata, radnih vozila te s njima povezani troškovi aktiviranja, transporta, montaže i stavljanja u pogon, ako ih u pogon stavlja dobavljač; troškovi montaže opreme i strojeva također su prihvatljivi ako su prikazani na istom računu s nabavljenom opremom te predstavljaju sastavni dio nabave opreme; ulaganja u mjere energetske učinkovitosti, povezana sa svrhom projekta; nabava mjernih uređaja povezanih s projektom; troškovi informatičko-komunikacijskih i audio/video rješenja (hardver i softver) koji su izravno povezani sa svrhom projekta


EU fondovi u IT-u kao financijska potpora služiti će u razvijanju informatičkih procesa unutar poduzeća i to kao analiza postojećih poslovnih procesa te mogućnost uvođenje IKT rješenja za poboljšanje poslovnih procesa, kako internih (kao što je informatizacija skladišta), tako i onih procesa koji se protežu izvan granica poduzeća (kao što su upravljanje lancem opskrbe i upravljanje odnosima s kupcima); Nabava, razvoj i provedba IKT rješenja za informatizaciju analiziranih poslovnih procesa;  Uvođenje pojedinačnih IKT rješenja za pojedine poslovne procese; Uvođenje holističkih IKT rješenja za integraciju poslovanja cijelog poduzeća; Osposobljavanje zaposlenika za rad s novim IKT sustavom/ima; Iskorištavanje mogućnosti širokopojasnih rješenja, kao što su e-učenje i e-trgovina.


EU fondovi u poljoprivredi će se najviše ulagati u adaptacije i nadogradnje postojećih objekata, odnosno u ulaganje u nove poslovne jedinice, hale i opremu. Nekoliko primjera ulaganje u građenje i/ili opremanje objekata za životinje, zatvorene/zaštićene prostore, objekte za uzgoj jednogodišnjeg i višegodišnjeg bilja, sjemena i sadnog materijala i gljiva, skladištenje, hlađenje, čišćenje, sušenje, zamrzavanje, klasiranje i pakiranje proizvoda,ulaganje u opremu za berbu, sortiranje i pakiranje vlastitih poljoprivrednih proizvoda, ulaganje u kupnju nove poljoprivredne mehanizacije i opreme i gospodarskih vozila uključujući sektor vino-gradarstva, ulaganje u podizanje novih i/ili restrukturiranje postojećih višegodišnjih nasada isključujući restrukturiranje postojećih vinograda za proizvodnju grožđa za vino,ulaganje u izgradnju i/ili opremanje novih sustava za navodnjavanje na poljoprivrednom gospodarstvu, te poboljšanje postojećih sustava/opreme za navodnjavanje na poljoprivrednom gospodarstvu te kupnju zemljišta i objekata radi realizacije projekta

Ulaganje u marketing koji će pomoći poljoprivrednicima da izađu na druga ili treća tržišta i na taj način proširiti svoja poslovanja van granica Hrvatske.




















Which is true, since we all work and have our duties, which often can be stressful, and when we arrive at a tourist destination, we feel and act differently.

Trips, including tourist destinations and offers, enrich us with new aromas, tastes, friendships and points of view, and by promoting a destination, its stories and contents, we motivate ourselves to get involved in activities, which offer us a complete and unique experience. Well thought out and organized promotion increases the value of a tourist destination because it forms an awareness of its offer.

Our task is to present Croatian tourism, through active promotion and offers, as an unforgettable destination for all visitors, and to work continuously on the improvement of specialized knowledge in different domains important for tourism development and management: economics, marketing, management, transportation, environmental protection and application of contemporary information and communication technologies.

  • We encourage and work on projects, which improve tourism as an important branch of Croatian economy, which can be shown through a B2B (business to business) program, intended for Croatian and foreign companies, which need mutual introduction and connection, i.e. mutual long-term business cooperation.


Our goal is to be the connection, in order to enable long-term business relationships, based on projects having in common the promotion of the countries’ tourist values. With such a personal and planned approach, international institutions will be able to meet faster and therefore be informed of further business dealings and as a result contribute to a reduction of costs.

  • Based on our knowledge and experience in tourism, we developed a team of experts for the development of tourist projects. Whether you need complete assistance for development or individual phases, we offer services that guarantee quality and success.


Marketing has a lot of definitions and today there are many agencies dealing with marketing. Their work is more or less the same, based on the same patterns.

They say that in a time of crisis it is difficult to stay on top, to maintain the business of your company within an acceptable scope. For that reason, it is necessary to stay creative, innovative at all times and to know how to attract customers to your shop 🙂

Marketing is the key in all this; therefore the reduction of costs in this area would not be wise. How should your customers find out about you, if you do not tell them about you?

The answer is simple: they won’t!

Marketing is what represents you and your business to a wide range of potential customers and clients and it is essential to choose the right way, because it does not mean that once something has “worked” in the previous campaign, it will be the best choice for your campaign now, right?

We are all familiar with TV and radio commercials, guerrilla marketing, slogans in various newspapers, and the most represented marketing place – the Internet, where advertisements pop up on portals, are connected to social networks or you receive a lot of e-mails that you do not have any time to read!

  • What about Word-of-mouth marketing?

It is the oldest form of marketing, but it’s still the best, isn’t it?

When people talk about you and your business in a positive context, it means you are interesting and recommendable, and it is the best marketing for you.


Does every company wish to work more through recommendations ………YES!

How many companies have a marketing plan to receive business through recommendations…….. A FEW OF THEM!

Therefore, in cooperation with the portal ” POSLOVNAVECERA.COM ”  we are dealing with a type of marketing, which has been forgotten lately, and which is more valuable than all of today’s marketing tools.

Join us and be part of a project, which offers you more than you could ever imagine for less than you expected!

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